Want to get hands-on with coding, learn about and build electronic circuits or create and experience artificial worlds in Virtual Reality (VR)? Or perhaps you're more interested in what hacking and phishing are or just want to develop your essential digital skills? Regardless of your age or experience, Crookham HackLAB is for you!

Welcome to Crookham HackLAB! We're a not-for-profit community group engaging people of all ages within the Church Crookham, Hampshire; Fleet, Hampshire and surrounding areas with Computing, Electronics and other STEM subjects through no / low-cost events and education.

Formed in May 2022, we aim to provide benefit to the children, young people and adults of Church Crookham, Hampshire; Fleet, Hampshire and surrounding areas who have, or would like to develop, an active interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). We specialise in subjects including, but not limited to, Computing; Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Cyber Security and Electronic / Electrical Engineering.

We do this by facilitating a community space in which individuals can meet, socialise and collaborate with experienced technology professionals; use specialist equipment (such as Virtual Reality (VR) systems, mini computer development kits and electronic test / measurement instruments, etc.) and, perhaps most importantly, learn skills through no / low-cost classes / programmes (including some that will reinforce both the national curriculum and skills shortage areas).

Please feel free to browse through our upcoming events here and learning activities here. If you're interested in supporting or joining us then please head here for further information. If you'd like to find out more about us, how we're run and our policies, etc. then please head here.

You can also follow / engage with us through our social media channels. We'd love to hear from you!

Credit : Josh Sorenson (Pexels)
Credit : Julia M Cameron (Pexels)
Credit : Dan Cristian (Pexels)
Credit : thisisengineering (Pexels)